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Application Status Analysis of Wind Power Plants

  • In order to prevent others from straying into the production area, the power plant will lock every door, and most of the lock is a key for each lock, to ensure that each area is completely isolated, to prevent errant and wrong operation. Although this has a certain effect, it brings great inconvenience to the daily inspection of the staff on duty. Each inspection needs to carry a large number of keys and find out the right keys, which greatly reduces the work efficiency and easily causes unnecessary losses when dealing with some emergency situations.
Wind Power Plant

Field Application Of Wind Power Plant

-Wind power lock control integrated management solution

Aiming at the safety management requirements of on-site operation in wind power plants, the system aims to ensure the safety of operators, equipment and operation process. By means of intelligent lock control and other technical means, the system opens up the information islands between safety management businesses, realizes the operation process can be measured, visible, early warning and controlled, and forms a safety production operation management system for all personnel, the whole process and all aspects. Help the wisdom of power generation enterprises and the construction of intrinsically safe enterprises.

System Design

  • The remote update application of keys and cards is realized through the auxiliary equipment.
  • Permits authorization of RFID cards and keys at fixed points.
  • Realize the centralized management of card and key opening records upload.
  • It is compatible with different scenarios, door locks and management modes.
  • Permission to manage a changing schedule.
  • You can set permissions on an individual or group basis.
  • The door opening record has convenient and complete presentation and traceability.
Wind Power Plant

System Features

Wind Power Application Scheme Design

Wind power application scheme design
Wind Power Plant
  • The key can be authorized to open all the locks within the scope of authority, through the phone will unlock.
  • Implement decentralized management of wind and electric fans, box transformers and terminal boxes to ensure the safety of equipment.
  • Integrated management, traceable operation, reduce the workload of maintenance personnel on the station.
  • The field fan can be monitored in real time, and illegal opening can be taken photos for evidence.

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