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Building on two decades
of energy-harvesting innovation

Twenty years ago, when we launched universal lock core related products, the endless demand made us deeply understand that the replacement of mechanical keys will be unstoppable.

Now, with the emergence of new scenarios, new technologies and new ways of thinking, we have launched a new EVOXS3.0 system that can be accurately customized, combined and tailored, integrated and open.

In the past 10 years, we continue to innovate, launched a variety of industry-leading free wiring lock control solutions, change the industry’s application habits, subvert our imagination;

The company continues to adhere to the “customer-oriented” concept and is committed to reliable, convenient and intelligent product design, develop products and new technologies to adapt to the changing needs of each vertical market, and open the entrance of the digital application of access control in the industry scene.

What is EVOXS 3.0 - why should you care?

EVOXS 3.0 represents a major fundamental shift in designing products and technologies.

Precise customization

EVOXS3.0 offers comprehensive technology and enhanced features designed to meet ever-changing security needs.

Tailored combination

Fully support the tailoring and composition of functional applications according to industry market, usage role and application mode.

Integrated opening

An open system integrating lock control equipment, personnel, business authority information, decision support and other functions.

EVOSXS-smart key


Smart, High-tech Locking Solutions For Any Door

Rayonics makes smart access possible on any door – however unusual. Convert any door into a fully-featured smart door.


Smart Access Technology Platforms

With our access control system, we are committed to providing your company the best and most efficient methods of controlling your day-to-day operations with solutions to ease your key storage and lock control issues. We offer industrial passive locks, residential locks and key management cabinet for almost any number of keys, and we serve any industry that has keys and locks to control and manage. See some of the industries we work with below. Click on any of the profiles below to learn more about how Key/Lock Systems is integral to each industry’s success, and how our products are used in each.

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