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What’s passive electronic lock?

What is a passive electronic lock?

The term “passive” in passive electronic locks signifies the absence of a power source or battery. They share a visual resemblance with traditional mechanical locks. Just like electronic deadbolts, they serve as a straightforward replacement for mechanical locks. However, what sets passive electronic locks apart is their lack of need for wiring, making them a hassle-free and effortless installation option.

passive electronic lock

The passive electronic lock incorporates a compact single-chip microcomputer. It lacks a traditional mechanical keyhole and instead features only two or three metal contacts. To unlock, the user inserts the electronic key into the lock’s keyhole, aligning the three contacts on the key with the corresponding contacts on the lock. The key, equipped with a built-in battery, supplies power to the lock and reads the ID number of the passive electronic lock for verification. Once verification is successful, the key activates the coil within the lock. The coil generates a magnetic field, which in turn moves the magnet within the lock, ultimately unlocking it. Rotating the key initiates the mechanical mechanism within the lock to release the lock body. Following a successful unlock, the key records the lock’s ID number and the time of the lock’s opening. It’s important to note that passive electronic locks can only be unlocked by keys with proper authorization, and any attempt to unlock without the necessary authority will result in a failed attempt.

The feature of EVOXS passive electronic lock

  • Lock parameter features:-IP68 waterproof design. 
  • The lock core is shorter and can be adapted to more locks; up to 200 blacklists (10 old tanks). 
  • can store up to 150 unlocking logs (16 old galleries); low-power drive design, unlocking driving current less than 100mA; unlocking status can be judged. 
  • Double contact points, power supply and signal line are independent channels.

passive electronic lock

Key parameter features of passive electronic lock 

  • double contact design
  • 200 time slices
  • a calendar
  • a daylight saving time
  • A maximum of 60000 lock permissions + 4000 lock group permissions;-3000 unlock logs

Dual-contact passive lock core is a high-security intelligent lock core, with information management function, can be equipped with all kinds of locks to support indoor and outdoor use. It is characterized by contact communication and built-in high-strength security chip. The product supports closed-loop applications of internal systems.  A replacement toothless design that supports most lock cores. 

The lock core is dustproof, waterproof and pry-proof. Design of High Voltage Protection and Electrostatic Protection without wiring and Battery in harsh Environment. High-level technology to open the violence to open the protection blacklist function to effectively solve the loss of keys.  Centralized implementation of pre-authorization and real-time authorization through the platform.

The application of passive electronic lock 

The application of passive locks in telecom and data centre can increase physical security and access control. 

Cabinet locking: in the data center, passive locks can be used for the physical security of the cabinet, and only authorized personnel can open the cabinet to prevent unauthorized access or malicious intrusion. 

Servers and network devices: passive locks can be used to protect physical access to servers and network devices. Only authorized engineers or administrators can turn on these devices to ensure the security and integrity of the data center. 

Telecommunications equipment: in telecommunications base stations and communication equipment, passive locks can be used to ensure the security of critical equipment. This is very important for maintaining the connectivity of the communication network. 

Access control system: passive locks can also be integrated into access control systems in data centers and telecom base stations. Only authorized personnel have access to these facilities, thereby enhancing overall security. 

Access logging and monitoring: passive locks are usually equipped with access control and monitoring capabilities to record who opened the lock and the status of the lock. These logs can be used for auditing and security investigations. 

In summary, the application of passive locks in telecommunications and data centers helps enhance physical security, reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and protect critical equipment and data. They are often used in conjunction with other security measures, such as biometrics, access control cards, etc., to provide a comprehensive security solution.

About professional passive electronic lock manufacturer- EVOXS

passive electronic lock

With our access control system, we are dedicated to delivering your company the most effective and efficient means of managing your daily operations. We provide solutions to simplify your key storage and lock control challenges. Our offerings include industrial passive locks, residential locks, and key management cabinets suitable for handling virtually any quantity of keys. We cater to a wide range of industries that require key and lock management solutions. Explore some of the industries we collaborate with below. Click on the individual profiles to discover how Key/Lock Systems plays a pivotal role in each industry’s success and the specific applications of our products within them.

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