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Standard Cylinder

Powerful passive lock control system, using innovative technology and complete encryption measures, can provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for control opening and record tracking.The system is fast and easy to install without requiring wiring, power supply and change door hardware for existing cable traps.

Standard Cylinder

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Standard Lock Core Series Product Introduction

Passive lock core is a high security intelligent lock core, with information management function, can be equipped with all kinds of locks, support indoor and outdoor use. It is characterized by contact communication and built-in high-strength security chip. Products support closed-loop applications of internal systems.

We have 570 Cylinder, 530 Cylinder, PD Cylinder, 121 RIM Cylinder, Mortise Cylinder, European Profile half/single/double Cylinder, Scandinavian Oval Cylinder, Fire-Proof Door Cylinder to choose from.

Standard lock core series product introduction
Product features

Product Features:

  • Suitable for various locksets
  • Can be configured on demand
  • Easy to install
  • Passive maintenance-free
  • The technology is difficult to open
  • A toothless flower cannot be copied
  • Record tracking, query
  • Flexible rights management
Product advantages

Product Advantages:

  • One lock core is equipped with all kinds of locks
  • One key opens all the locks
  • A set of software unified management
  • Network monitoring can be implemented
  • Equipment information management
  • Personnel fine management

Product Application:

Different lock can be adapted to a variety of doors according to technology, thus suitable for more diverse sites. Customers can choose different lock types and management types according to the use scenario, use mode and their own preferences.

Common Problems:

The lock core is fixed, we can adapt the lock of different standards.

The lock core is managed by key authorization through management software and auxiliary devices.

Lock core passive design, through the key to the lock power supply to drive the lock core motor unlock.

Lock core passive design, the whole lock core is a packaged chip, the internal structure is simple, waterproof and dustproof level is IP68.

The lock supplies power to the lock through the key, and the inner tank is composed of a chip + a motor. Each lock has a unique ID. The key can be unlocked by identifying the lock ID within the unlocking authority, and the unlocking record can be stored in the key upload platform.

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