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Keyless smart access for
enhanced 24/7 security, safety
and streamlined management.

In today’s world, security is increasingly a priority for owners,users and visitors ofindustrial, public office, commercial and infrastructure facilities. Modern accesssystems must be up to the demands posed by significant numbers of peoplecoming in and out of these facilities – sometimes 24/7 – all qualifying for differentlevels of access – employees, staff, visitors, suppliers, delivery people, and clients.

One-size-fits-all physical key systems are no longer fit for purpose.Site owners andoperators, and the people who work in or visit those sites, need much higher levelsof control and reassurance.

EVOXS electronic access control systems are the 21st century solution. We combinehigh levels of wide area security – fine-tuned to an individual level – with flexibility,management simplicity and process and cost optimization for businesses of alltypes and sizes.


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