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Shared Space Status Analysis

  • Sharing living, learning and working Spaces presents unique challenges for property operators. Not only need to provide personal safety and space safety, but also need to provide convenient and perfect services.
  • Housing is scattered and difficult to unify: housing is spread all over the world, scattered places.
  • Check-in management is difficult to ills: the tenant is difficult to check in accurate, check-in or check out to wait.
  • Service maintenance process: cleaning, maintenance and dining needs, service management trouble.
Shared Space Status Analysis

Shared Space Application

-Share rental, office, public entertainment facilities and other lock-control application solutions

Centralized management personnel and smart lock, easy to grant access to any space; Personalized integration of related intelligent devices, integrated use of access control system and existing operation management software. The use of a system that turns day-to-day access control into an irreplaceable asset in your business, scalable and future-oriented.

System Design

  • No wired system is required, neither gateway is required, and only battery powered Bluetooth lock is based.
  • It allows full support for RFID cards through the use of non-wired Bluetooth locks and wireless gateways.
  • With each lock, an unlimited number of smartphones, RFID cards and pins can be authorized.
  • Free choice of door opening mode, no risk and cost of losing keys, and no 24/7 staff.
  • On the basis of virtual Settings, network hot spots can be added to realize real-time networking.

System Features

  • Use different technical management modes and select the types according to the actual situation, including self-service, virtual networking, and real-time networking.
  • Intelligent lock control technology can be combined with access control function, so that customers can get the ultimate use experience.
  • Through the accumulation of lean management, efficient processes, low overhead, and perfect design.
  • It can save the management cost and improve the operation efficiency in practical application.

Shared Space Application Scheme Design

Shared Space Application scheme design

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