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Retail Stores Status Analysis

In the retail sector, it takes workers an average of five minutes to find their keys or work equipment, which equates to an inefficient 30 minutes of productivity per employee per week. Retail applications also involve the traditional management methods such as feeding, stock material safety management and personnel management.

Retail Stores
Retail Stores
Retail Stores

Retail Store Application

-An access management system designed to increase efficiency, reduce theft and configure processes on demand

Retail stores, supermarkets, stores and so on need to be used to manage display cabinet lock control or function room lock control solutions anytime and anywhere. Open platform flexible design, can be quickly realized through configuration and meet the actual needs of customers

System Design

  • Affordable access management, maintenance-free passive lock control, no wiring Bluetooth lock.
  • Adopt electronic keys, scrap mechanical keys, replacement costs and safety concerns of lost keys.
  • Supports unified access management of electronic items such as door opening tools and mobile phones.
  • Enable management and time log management to monitor store hours and improve security in retail stores.
  • Integrate with your existing retail business management applications and security systems.

System Features

  • The design of the new application system provides the basis for retail industry operations by providing a high level of efficiency and health and safety compliance that also enhances the customer shopping experience.
  • Improve shift start times, accountability, and overall productivity by ensuring that the right people are using the right keys and equipment at the right time.
  • Helps retail businesses streamline their access management workflow and optimize processes for shared, single, and multiple locations across all types of retail environments.

Retail Store Application Scheme Design

Retail Store Application Scheme Design

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