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Smart Key Cabinets(128 slots)

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In view of the confusion in the management of key acquisition and return, we use the IOT technology, biometric technology, automation technology and computer interaction technology to realize the automatic management of authorized acquisition, return registration and overdue non-return of keys, locks and tools. This not only standardizes the key acquisition behavior, but also improves the work efficiency. At the same time, we leave corresponding records for all acquisition and return for inquiry, statistics and track.



  • Authorized personnel can access keys in a variety of ways: bioface recognition, RFID tags, mobile password verification.
  • Supports one-person one-time multi-key step access.
  • Automatic control of additions and loss without supervision and management to enhance asset and equipment management.
  • Trusted, informative, quick reminders and records of usage, no need to record manually.
  • Can be used standalone or online, with multiple network designs such as Ethernet, WIFI, and 4G.
  • Key issuance and inquiry can be authorized via remote mobile request and review.
  • Friendly human-computer interaction with touch terminals and voice processing capabilities based on AI.
  • Extensibility, on-demand connection to printer and other peripherals, backup battery UPS design.
  • With error return, pry warning design, emergency opening.
  • Modular design of management host supports key management, file management and storage management functions of threecabinet(128 slots),four cabinet(184 slots) and so on.
  • Supports wall mounting, fixed to the wall by expansion screw.


  • Power input: AC100-240V, 30W max power consumption
  • Power Output: DC12V
  • Backup battery: Support DC12V 3.2Ah battery
  • Cabinet door material: steel plate, high strength transparent acrylic board
  • Cabinet color: white, black
  • Installation method: wall mounting
  • Work environment: indoor applications
  • Indicator light: three colors, including removable state, pending return, in-place state
  • Communication way: Ethernet, WIFI, 4G
  • Alarm interface: 4-way 1A/12V relay connection alarm system and CCTV.
  • Standby Open: Machine keys can be used for standby open in case of emergency


Smart Key Cabinets(128 slots)


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