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IOT Based Manhole Cover Lock

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The IOT Based Manhole Cover Lock can remotely monitor the manhole cover without external power supply, and the lockset can be individually customized according to customer needs.



  • The monitoring center, mobile phone APP remote or on-site control of the opening and closing of the electronic lock to prevent the manhole cover from opening abnormally.
  • In emergency situations such as power failures, a special emergency lock pick can be used to open and close the electronic lock inside/outside the manhole cover.
  • High strength, corrosion resistance, easy installation, easy maintenance, can be used in -40″ low temperature environment.
  • High protection level, protection level reaches IP68.
  • Anti-pry, special mechanical structure design, prevent damage to the lock.



Basic parameters Locking mechanism Motor clutch
Materials and surface treatment A3 steel or SMC resin material
weight 25kg (weight varies by model)
Operating temperature -40℃-80℃
Electrical parameters Operating voltage 3.6V-4.2V
Operating current 45mA, sleep current 25.4uA
Dustproof and waterproof rating IP68
Electromagnetic compatibility GB1799.3-2012
Working life Under normal circumstances, more than 3 years, the number of communication is more than 8,000 times
Flame retardant requirements


GB/T 2408—2008 in 9.4 specified in the V0 level requirements


Docking interface Bluetooth interface BLE4.0 Bluetooth docking
Monitor the network The NBIOT monitors the network Scalable 4G applications
Emergency function Emergency key unlocking Emergency electronic key unlocking




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