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Hard-wired MS864 Lock(Free Swing)

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The Hard-wired MS864 Lock(Free Swing) using innovative mechanism design, lock 360° idling without unlocking instruction, designed a stable and reliable free handle structure, adapt to the cabinet lock standard opening to achieve immersion simple installation, very convenient to achieve a variety of unlocking.



  • Strong compatibility, not limited by door thickness, door height, left/right door opening.
  • Strong reliability, 360° idling handle, effectively solve violent opening, anti-prying.
  • It adopts immersion installation method, which is stable and reliable.
  • The lock structure has the function of attaching the heaven and earth rod and supports three-point door locks.
  • The lock adopts a motor clutch, which is locked to the point and cannot be opened by knocking.
  • The left and right doors can be adjusted by switching the orientation of the positioning parts.
  • It adopts a hidden independent cylinder as a backup opening, which can be operated independently and replaced separately.
  • Compatible with a variety of door opening (remote, Bluetooth, electronic key), convenient to choose and use according to the actual situation.
  • With door sensor, lock bolt and other status signal upload, open and close the door to leave traces and traceability.
  • It has an audible and visual indication for the operator in case of abnormality.
  • High integration, easy installation and upgrade.
  • The internal core components are waterproof to meet all-weather and harsh environment applications.


Basic parameters






Locking mechanism Motor clutch
Body material Zinc alloy
Surface treatment Spray plastic
weight 1.2kg (without cord).
Left open/Right open Can be adjusted left and right
Height adjustment block Stainless steel 304, supports stop height up to 5cm
Structure description Three-point deadbolt, handle can be rotated 90°, one-way locking stroke 25mm
Number of switches ≥ 100,000 times
Electrical parameters



Operating voltage 12VDC Wide voltage (optional lithium battery power supply for NBIOT devices)
Operating current Instantaneous operating current≤ 300mA
Standby current 20mA
Interface type 


DI/DO interface Built-in DO level unlocking control line, status DI return data line
RS485 interface RS485 interface (optional)
Local wireless interface BLE4.0 Bluetooth interface, communication distance within 2m
Emergency power supply interface USB-typeC interface (optional)
Environment parameters Operating temperature


Operating humidity 20%~97%RH
Lightning protection Three-level lightning protection design
Degree of protection IP68



Hard-wired MS864 Lock(Free Swing)

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