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Hard-wired MS864 Lock

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The Hard-wired MS864 Lock adopts the current MS864 type lock, with built-in signal switches, including master lock and slave lock. Used in combination with a field controller, it is unlocked when receiving a pushbutton switch signal to the main cabinet. Suitable for outdoor cabinet applications, outdoor cabinets are mainly divided into single door single lock and multi-door multi-lock two types, can use one FSU to control multi-door electric lock method. Suitable for application in various cabinets, simple and convenient to install and use.



    • Local locking, after closing the door, press down to buckle the handle back into the lock cavity to complete the locking.
    • Two types of opening structures:
    1. Handle locking method, after passing the authentication, choose to open the cabinet door through the handle, press the lock handle, and the handle will automatically pop out;
    2. Handle non-locking mode: in the case of non-authentication, the handle is idle, after authorization, press the button handle to pop up to choose to open the cabinet door, and the handle is idling after the handle is returned to its position.
    • Support FSU remote door opening, APP Bluetooth door opening, Bluetooth electronic key and other door opening methods.
    • RS485, DO/DI can be used to access FSU in any way, leaving traces and traceability when opening and closing doors.


Basic parameters






Locking mechanism Electromagnets
Body material Zinc alloy
Surface treatment Spray plastic
weight 1.2kg (without cord).
Left open/Right open Can be adjusted left and right
Electrical parameters



Operating voltage 12V DC
Operating current Instantaneous operating current≤ 500mA
Standby current <20mA
Docking interface DI/DO interface Built-in DO level unlocking control line, lock status DI return data line
RS485 interface RS485 interface (optional.))
Local wireless interface BLE4.0 Bluetooth interface, communication distance within 2m
Emergency power supply interface USB-TYPEC interface (optional)
Environment parameters Operating temperature -40℃-80℃
Operating humidity 20%~97%RH
Lightning protection Three-level lightning protection design
Degree of protection IP68


Hard-wired MS864 Lock

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