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Hard-wired Handle Lock

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Hard-wired Handle Lock design, made of stainless steel, combined with double active double fast lockset with integrated application. Easy installation under existing open conditions enables quick replacement of existing security door-related locks. It is suitable for scenarios such as data room doors, independent computer room base stations, anti-theft doors of base stations in buildings, and box-type station buildings.



  • The lock outer cover plate is made of stainless steel, which has high impact strength and strong reliability.
  • Strong compatibility, not limited by door thickness, left/right door opening, minimalist replacement.
  • The lock structure adopts the anti-theft door lockset of quick opening and fast locking.
  • After verification, press down on the handle to open or lift the handle up to lock the door.
  • The lock has a highly damping clutch design that cannot be opened with a percussion.
  • It adopts independent cylinder as a spare opening, which can be operated independently and replaced separately.
  • Compatible with a variety of door opening (remote, Bluetooth, electronic key), convenient to choose and use according to the actual situation.
  • With door sensor, lock bolt and other status signal upload, open and close the door to leave traces and traceability.
  • It has an audible and visual indication for the operator in case of abnormality.
  • High integration, easy installation and upgrade.
  • Meets all-weather and harsh environment applications.
  • Scalable NBIOT detects locks, door magnets, vibrations and other information in real time.


Basic parameters Locking mechanism Motor clutch
weight 4KG
handle Adjustable left and right
Panel description 2mm stainless steel wire brushed treatment
Switch life 200,000 times
Main deadbolt cross-section ≥500mm²
The main deadbolt extends the length 20mm
Heaven and earth pole travel 16mm
Electrical parameters Operating voltage 12V-48VDC Wide voltage(NBIOT device can be powered by a lithium battery)
Standby current <20mA
Operating current Unlocking current 200mA
Docking interface DI/DO interface Built-in DO level unlocking control line, status DI return data line
RS485 interface RS485 interface (optional)
Local wireless interface BLE4.0 Bluetooth interface, communication distance within 2m
Emergency power supply interface DC Jack connector (optional)
Wide area network interface NBIOT Wireless interface
Environment parameters Operating temperature -40℃-80℃
Operating humidity 20%~97%RH
Lightning protection Three-level lightning protection design
Degree of protection IP68


Hard-wired Handle Lock

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