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Electronic Pincode Relay

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Electronic Pincode Relay is based on 485 communication mode and built-in BLE4.0 Bluetooth chip, which is composed of Bluetooth Electronic Relay Controller and Pincode Reader. Electronic Relay Controller is mainly responsible for the storage and control of input and output information of the whole system, authorization service and monitoring of the open state record; Pincode Reader to realize card identification and password function, suitable for installation in the aisle or passageway. Under normal condition, when the user sends the open door command by swiping the card or Bluetooth, the Reader sends the open door signal to the controller through 485, and the controller outputs the open door signal to complete the open door action.



  • 13.56MHZ reader card wireless interface, support ISO1443A class card, to achieve Mifare Classic and DESFire card read and write, only support the Rayonics card format;
  • Provide BLE4.0 and above wireless interface;
  • A real-time clock chip is built into the lock, which supports authentication and unlocking.
  • A memory chip is built into the lock to save the operation logs of all types of locks.
  • Red, green, blue lights, buzzer indication



  • Working voltage: 12V DC power supply
  • Quiescent current: <100mA
  • Unlocking mode: Bluetooth,password, Mifare card
  • Bluetooth distance: <10m
  • Reading distance: < 1cm
  • Password type: 12 key touch
  • Password length: 6 to 12 characters
  • Number of logs: 500
  • Number of permissions: 3000
  • Upgrade mode: Supports Bluetooth firmware upgrade
  • Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃;
  • Working humidity: 5% ~ 100%








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