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PMS_ Enterprise is a user centered comprehensive lock management platform based on BS architecture, providing users with an efficient, flexible, secure, and reliable way to choose interfaces, manage lock types, quantities, and management modes. In addition, the system provides scalability to adapt to the constantly changing needs of project scale.


The system consists of a computer equipped with management software, a handset encoder, a network encoder, a local encoder and a card or key.

Smart Lock Systems

System Features

  • Web browser based user interface for anytime, anywhere management
  • Support parameterized configuration and dynamic loading of components
  • Display commonly used function information in the dashboard to enhance the experience
  • Instantly update lock status, permissions, and logs for query
  • Support APP end in conjunction with software management usage

System Parameters

  • Support for multi project management
  • Single project supports 60000 different types of lock management
  • Single project supports 60000 users
  • Single project supports 200 time slot editing
  • Simultaneously supporting Bluetooth smart lock, smart passive lock, and smart access control
  • Supports both smart key and card authorization unlocking
PMS Enterprise

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