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Passive Mechatronic

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Industrial Passive Electronic Lock System Introduction

EVOXS passive mechatronic system is an intelligent access control system based on mechanical and electronic locks. The system uses a mechanical lock shape, but is independently controlled by an electronic chip, without power supply, and is powered by a BLE/NFC key. Through the management of system software, EVOXS passive mechatronic system can realize the intelligent management of access control rights to ensure safe and reliable access control.

Standard lock core series product introduction

Standard Lock Core Series Product Introduction

Passive lock core is a high security intelligent lock core, with information management function, can be equipped with all kinds of locks, support indoor and outdoor use. It is characterized by contact communication and built-in high-strength security chip. Products support closed-loop applications of internal systems.

We have 570 Cylinder, 530 Cylinder, PD Cylinder, 121 RIM Cylinder, Mortise Cylinder, European Profile half/single/double Cylinder, Scandinavian Oval Cylinder, Fire-Proof Door Cylinder to choose from.

Industrial passive electronic lock system introduction

The EVOXS passive mechatronic uses the computer management software as the background, and sets the smart lock and key through the local encoder. When the lock and key are in contact, the microprocessor inside the plug and the chip inside the key will verify each other, and only after the verification is passed can the lock be unlocked. In addition, the time, events and other information in the smart lock will be uploaded to the key for future reference.

EVOXS passive mechatronic features

EVOXS Passive Mechatronic Features:

  • Meet all requirements of the master lock management system

  • The lock is easy to install and requires no wiring

  • Easy installation without affecting operation

  • Once installed, no maintenance required

  • Easy to centralize authorization and application management

  • Cost-effective lock control management program

  • A program that can be expanded on demand and adjusted at any time

EVOXS passive mechatronic working principle

EVOXS Passive Mechatronic Working Principle:

  • The initial installation is set by the software/the permission is set by the software

  • The key updates the permission information through the encoding device

  • The operator opens the lock with the key

  • Through the coding equipment mining open and close record information

  • The opening and closing record information back to the management platform

EVOXS passive lock system is suitable for a large number of key use occasions, mainly for telecommunications and data centers, utilities, government, transportation and logistics, remote sites, mining and construction intelligent lock control management. The system not only meets the security and convenience, but also has a very strong scalability. Different solutions can be developed according to different application scenarios and needs to meet the different needs of various industries.

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