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Powerful passive lock control system, using innovative technology and complete encryption measures, can provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for control opening and record tracking.The system is fast and easy to install without requiring wiring, power supply and change door hardware for existing cable traps.

Passive Mechatronic padlock

Passive Lock Series Padlock Introduction

EVOXS passive lock series padlock is based on the traditional padlock, using our company’s unique passive electronic lock core. This padlock uses an electronic key to open the lock, and a key can set multiple unlocking permissions, which is convenient to manage and save time.

EVOXS padlocks are available in copper and stainless steel two materials, according to the beam height and thickness, divided into different specifications, including 35 padlock, 40 padlock, 45 padlock, 50 padlock, 55 padlock and other specifications. Mainly applicable to power companies, chemical factories, energy enterprises and other industries.

Passive lock series padlock introduction

The Characteristics Of Passive Electronic Padlock

  • This product has the characteristics of on-demand configuration, easy installation, no maintenance, high technical opening difficulty, and can not be copied. It also has record tracking, query functions and flexible rights management. All locks can be opened with only one key and managed through a unified set of software to realize network monitoring and equipment information management.
  • The advantages of passive lock series padlocks are convenient and practical, convenient management, and can meet various needs. Whether for business or personal use, we can provide safe and reliable lock solutions.
Padlock for outdoor gate


The difference between passive electronic padlocks and ordinary padlocks is that the lock core is different. The passive electronic padlock uses a passive electronic lock core and requires an electronic key to open the lock. The ordinary padlock uses a traditional mechanical lock core and requires a physical key to open the lock.

Padlocks are usually made of copper or stainless steel and have an IP68 protection rating. The lock core location is also equipped with a lock core dust cover, and the padlock is usually equipped with a plastic protective cover to prevent the intrusion of wind sand and rain.

Assistive devices such as desktop card issuers, handheld encoders, and network encoders are required, as well as management software. Depending on the environment, these devices can be used in combination.

Communicate with the back-office management system through the desktop card issuer, and each lock has a unique ID. The management background uses the desktop card issuer to authorize the key, and the authorized key can only identify the lock ID range for unlocking.

The unlocking record will be recorded in the key, after unlocking, the key can be transferred to the background software through the desktop card issuer, so that the unlocking record can be viewed.

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