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Operator Status Analysis

With the rapid development of the telecom industry, mobile, radio and television and iron tower and other enterprises launched the communication business coverage is more and more extensive, people’s dependence on the communication business is also significantly increased, the requirements for the communication network is also greatly improved, any link in the process of communication problems, resulting in huge impact and losses.


Operator Application

-The communication asset management system can provide lock control, alarm, patrol, and maintenance management as required

Communication facilities have huge assets, wide distribution, and time-consuming and laborious maintenance. Intelligent interlocking and on-site IOT monitoring technologies are adopted to conduct centralized, convenient and real-time management and control of equipment through the platform. Meanwhile, mechanisms are established to supervise personnel operations, reducing the management and control costs of communication assets and improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

System Design

  • The comprehensive application of lock control technology, with intelligent passive lock, solves the problem of power supply and security maintenance of traditional access control system.
  • At the same time combined with real-time communication lock control monitoring; Combined with the advantages of convenient construction, the application scope of ordinary access control is expanded to distributed cabinets, boxes and manhole covers.
  • Through the integration of cloud service software and application data bus, partition and centralized management, the existing security modules such as access control, patrol, and alarm can be integrated.

System Features

  • A powerful online administration portal allows for streamlined workflow and real-time approval from any authorized workstation.
  • Accurately grasp where the site/facilities are, whether the various departments/municipalities are consistent with the account, and control the operation and maintenance quality.
  • Monitor key indicators and alarms of some sites remotely and report them in real time to predict or avoid potential risks.

Operator Scheme Design

Operator Scheme Design

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