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Office Status Analysis

  • Schools, hospitals, industrial enterprises and large hotels and other centralized office scenes need to channel, room, elevator, door and storage cabinets have put forward the demand for centralized management. At the same time, the centralized management of personnel access and access control has complex requirements:
  • A large number of permanent staff management
  • A lot of flexible access to people management
  • A lot of visitor management
Office Status Analysis

Office Application

-Centralized office management lock control application solution

Centralized management personnel and smart lock, easy to grant access to any space; Personalized integration of related intelligent devices, integrated use of access control system and existing operation management software. The use of a system that turns day-to-day access control into an irreplaceable asset in your business, scalable and future-oriented.

System Design

  • The remote update application of keys and cards is realized through the auxiliary equipment.
  • Permits authorization of RFID cards and keys at fixed points.
  • Realize the centralized management of card and key carrying door opening records upload.
  • It is compatible with different scenarios, door locks and management modes.
  • Permission to manage a changing schedule.
  • You can set permissions on an individual or group basis.
  • The door opening record has convenient and complete presentation and traceability.

System Features

  • With the help of the card, it is easy to set card permissions to achieve access management. Daily permission changes can be set in the conventional access channel through the network encoder and collect events in the card.
  • Specific people come and go with smartphones, allowing for deliveries, cleaning companies, or meetings at your premises, and easily assigning access to temporary visitors.
  • If an employee accidentally loses his or her permission, he or she can quickly authorize the employee on the software, synchronize it to the online door manager unit or network encoder, and carry it to the corresponding lock through the card.
  • If night maintenance awaits your server room, you can easily change, extend, or shorten the time period to assign permissions to such users.

Office Application Scheme Design

Office Application Scheme Design

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