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Nearfield Key Based Passive Lock

The near field key system is based on the passive lock management software as the background, with the encoder device to set the passive lock and the passive key. When the lock and key contact, the micro processor inside the lock core and the chip inside the key mutually verify to achieve the purpose of unlocking the lock. Information such as time and event in the passive lock is uploaded to the passive key for query.

Nearfield Key Based Passive Lock

Product features

Lock and key information coding, to achieve installation, authorization and maintenance of digital management.

The passive lock core uses external power supply and is suitable for distributed maintenance-free applications.

The passive lock core can be replaced without wiring and is easy to implement.

The lock core adopts bi-directional verification code, which provides high security for opening verification.

A complete range of locks can cover more than 90% of the locks, and is suitable for various industries and environments.

Lock core internal chip adopts sealing design, IP68 outdoor lock protection level.

The near-field key cannot be copied, and the authorization management rights and blacklist are unified.

The system supports temporary authorization, pre-authorization, and implementation authorization.

Supports centralized authorization, mobile authorization, and network authorization.

Product Type

Platform management software

Mobile APP

Coding equipment

Near-field key

Lock core, padlock, cabinet lock, custom lock


Logistics company

Water company

Electric power company

Communication operator



System integrator

Facilities manager

General contractor


Security consultant


Drawers, display cases

Outdoor enclosure

Outdoor machine room

Outdoor cabinet

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