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Museum/Exhibition Hall Status Analysis

With the expansion of museum business and the increase of interlibrary communication, the use frequency of collections is greatly increased, and the inventory of collections is often changed, which brings difficulties to the security management of collections. The relevant personnel mentioned in the management responsibilities carry out regular maintenance and record services of cultural relics, but there is no good method to monitor and manage them.


Museum/Exhibition Hall Application

-An access management system designed to increase efficiency, reduce theft and configure processes on demand

Provides technology for museum/exhibition hall applications to track and control access to the entire facility while staying within budget. Open platform flexible design, can be quickly realized through configuration and meet the actual needs of customers.

System Design

  • Access management in an economical way, maintenance-free passive lock control, no wiring Bluetooth key unlock.
  • Adopt smart keys, scrap mechanical keys, replacement costs and safety concerns of lost keys.
  • All unlocking data are recorded, and every unlocking is traceable and traceable.

System Features

  • Moving to smart key solutions can not only improve security, but also reduce vandalism and theft.
  • Access control systems protect areas containing assets, help reduce the risk of theft and damage, and can also reduce insurance premiums.
  • Related opening records from locks and keys will give you an idea of everyone’s activities so that you can monitor potential security issues.

Museum Scheme Design

Museum Scheme Design

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