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Mechatronic System

The EVOXS mechatronic solution comprises a passive mechatronic cylinder and an active mechatronic key. This innovative system utilizes inductive technology for data and energy transmission, ensuring seamless operation without physical contact between the components. This design eliminates wear and susceptibility to external factors. The cylinder conforms to the European profil, making it compatible with various cylinder drives, allowing easy replacement without requiring wiring or connections.

The passive cylinder design excludes the need for internal power sources like batteries. On the other hand, the user’s key provides the power under normal usage conditions. The key transmits power and data to the cylinder using a proprietary encrypted protocol.

Both the cylinder and user key maintain a history of validated and unvalidated accesses in their memory units. These events are uniquely identified by the key, cylinder, and time of the opening or tampering event. Data transfer to mechatronic keys necessitates a dedicated interfacing device included in the kit, ensuring selective and unambiguous key validation.

Updating the mechatronic key must reflect the latest permissions issued by the manager. The interfacing device, when authorized by a programmer key, can read and download key memory events to a PC. Opening authorization is granted when both the mechanical encryption and electronic credentials of the key match those of the cylinder.

Mechatronic cylinders can be integrated into a mastered system, and mechatronic keys can open mechanical cylinders according to defined authorizations and hierarchies. The system seamlessly combines the precision of a multi-profile mechanical system with the flexibility of inductive electronic technology.

Mechatronic System Advantage

Convenient and fast: no need to install or replace holes, you can manage different types of lock doors at any time and place.

Easy to use: Easy to use platform, can be connected with OTA, PMS and other asset platforms, to provide users with more value.

Diversified options: Different management modes can be used, including self-service, virtual networking, real-time networking, etc.

Multiple unlocking methods: Support mobile phone, card, password, spare key and other unlocking methods.

Information: Record the unlocking records of all door opening methods, including mechanical key unlocking.

These features together constitute a convenient, intelligent, multi-functional door lock system to meet the needs of users for door lock management.

Evoxsystem After-sales Service

Evoxsystem provides the following services:

Product Maintenance services: We provide free product maintenance services for 12 months after purchase. After one year, we will only charge a minimum cost fee and provide you with lifetime maintenance services.

Customer return visits and surveys: Our customer service staff will proactively contact you on a regular basis to conduct phone return visits or written satisfaction surveys to better understand your use and needs for your products.

Quick response: Whether in the pre-sale, sale or after-sales service process, we will immediately respond to any questions you raise, and send personnel to solve.

Supply of supporting products: If necessary, we can specify supporting manufacturers to provide supporting products. If there is a quality problem, we will take full responsibility for it.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality after-sales service and satisfactory user experience, your needs and feedback are very important to us.

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