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LMS_Enterprise Software Based On Permission Management

LMS_Enterprise software uses personal mobile phones for unified management, sets card number permissions, password permissions and Bluetooth digital permissions to management applications within locks, fully integrates GIS maps, and achieves intelligent and visual management. Supports integration with existing systems for joint office space, retail and home applications.

EVOXS-Passive Mechatronic

The system consists of a computer equipped with management software, a handset encoder, a network encoder, a local encoder, a smart gateway and a card. Responsible for issuing mobile permissions and user cards, managing daily inbound and outbound, and making information inquiries and statistics

Smart Lock Systems
Wall Reader

System Features

  • Common functions and information-focused display in Dashboard, user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Use a mobile device to unlock a room for easy management and time saving
  • Manage anytime, anywhere, track events, remotely unlock, and set blacklists
  • The application software is fully modular, supports parameterized configuration, and supports dynamic loading of components and components
  • Graphically select locks, sites, lock groups to set permissions
  • Support access management for a wide range of users including staffs, guests, cleaners, etc.
  • Guests can enter and exit through assigned digital keys

System Parameters

  • System parameters System management up to 60000 users and 60000 locks
  • Connect locks through smart gateways to enable networking capabilities
  • 2000 permissions stored in lock
  • 500 events stored in lock
  • Lock supports four different open modes
  • 24/7 uptime as software as a service
E-Latch electronic handle locks

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