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KMS_Professional Software

KMS_Professional, as a passive lock management software based on CS structure, provides an effective solution for centralized management of distributed locks. It is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized companies to manage access control. Through the system Settings to complete the management of lock control, users, permissions and events, making it possible to centralized monitoring of assets, efficient management of personnel and complete presentation of information.


In addition to software, the system also includes various lock products, smart keys and encoder equipment for authorization management. Different types of codes enable the device to issue keys according to different customers

Smart Lock Systems

System Features

  • Enable to set the configuration management role and login rights as required
  • Supports Partition DecentralizationManagement Settings
  • Provides convenient lock setup and maintenance
  • Support key time slice, permissions, authentication days, and groups
  • Multiple authorization management modes
  • Support export the audit trail of event records
  • The blacklist function manages lost keys
  • Manage key production, such as setup key, event key, etc
  • Custom languages

System Parameters

  • Support 3000 lock management applications for a single project
  • Supports 5 different authorization management devices
  • Supports 2 authorization modes, official authorization and temporary authorization
  • Support 2 different technology keys in the same system
  • Support 200 permission timescale (Timetable)
  • Each Time slice supports 12 Time Interival
  • Support 1 calendar table (including DAYLIGHT saving time function)

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