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KMS_Enterprise Software Based On Ticket Management

Based on the ticket settings, the KMS_Enterprise software simplifies the ticket to achieve the finest maintenance and operation to improve compliance, to ensure that you always have operational security in hand, to fully integrate GIS maps, and to be suitable for lock management applications in large distributed sites. Supports integration with existing systems, suitable for industrial application projects.

Smart Lock Systems

In addition to software, the system includes various lock products, smart keys, and encoding devices for authorization management. Different types of codes enable devices to issue keys according to different customer situations, which is suitable for management of code settings in mobile situations.

Smart Lock Systems
Enterprise KMS Lock Management Software

System Features

  • Common functions and information-focused display in Dashboard, user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Centralized management based on Web browser, anytime, anywhere
  • Manage permissions and operations through ticket, and work with WEB and APP to apply, approve and dispatch orders
  • You can set up administrator roles that allow each administrator to control locks, keys, and people within his or her responsibility.
  • The application software is fully modular, supports parameterized configuration, and supports dynamic loading of components and components
  • Real-time graphical maps, permissions, and activity logs that provide instant updates and status queries
  • Time limits, preventing missing keys and other measures to ensure the security of system application
Enterprise KMS Lock Management Software

System Parameters

  • System management up to 60000 users and 60000 locks
  • Manage user unlock permissions through ticket authorization mode
  • Key allows Bluetooth offline and online authentication mode
  • Key Storage 3000 Events Keys allow you to store 60,000 time slice open permissions and 100 time slice open permissions in offline mode
  • 24/7 uptime as software as a service

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