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Intelligent access control system solution for Shouxian wind farm

Shouxian Wind Farm in order to improve the level of operation and maintenance of fan equipment, All the mechanical locks in the existing fan tower drum, box transformer, equipment room and other places are transformed into intelligent access control system.

Intelligent access control system solution 2
Intelligent access control system solution 3

Finally decided to use KMS_Professional management software of EVOXS system and security smart locks, smart keys, encoders and other products to achieve intelligent access control system. Through this system, it can effectively monitor the intelligent lock, the status of the wind farm station, personnel inspection and operation. At the same time, the system is also connected with the centralized control center of the wind power company, which facilitates the centralized management and viewing of the platform, and realizes unified management and integrated application. On the basis of the unified management of intelligent locks, keys and authorization, combined with the anti-theft characteristics of high-security intelligent locks, Shouxian Wind Farm has realized the safe, efficient, intelligent, transparent and digital management of station door locks. Such integration makes management more convenient and improves the safety and operation efficiency of wind farms.

Intelligent access control system solution 4
Intelligent access control system solution 5

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