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Installation and Maintenance of Wireless Passive Locks

Preliminary preparation of wireless passive locks installation

When replacing and installing, keep the original lock body unchanged, and fix the rotating shaft of the lock shell on the original lock tongue.

  1. Prepare tools: Phillips screwdriver, Angle grinder (rechargeable), rivet gun, file, rechargeable electric drill, drill bits and troughs.
  2. Open the mounting holes at the proper height (use the original mounting holes or the recommended center) as shown in the figure.
  3. Install accessories such as the upper limit piece, gasket, and lock tongue, and secure them with a screwdriver.

Installation procedure of wireless passive locks

  1. Open hole fixing: Insert the lock body into the mounting hole for fixing.
  2. Accessories fixing: the lock accessories are fixed according to the instructions to ensure firm.
  3. Debugging: mechanical functional use of the lock to ensure that the mechanical connection is no problem.
  4. Configuration test: Configure and debug the lock to ensure that all electronic and information functions are normal.

Safety considerations when installing wireless passive locks

  1. Physical security: Ensure that the lock guarantee is firm, the design is anti-skid and anti-drilling, and meet the requirements of national standard B lock.
  2. Information security: Ensure that the lock uses AES128 encryption algorithm and the application software meets the national encryption requirements.

Regular check-ups for wireless passive locks

  1. Check the key power supply or lock battery status.
  2. Check the oxidation of the cylinder, and regularly clean the dirt of the cylinder contact.
  3. Inspect the key permission.
  4. Check the server running status.

Troubleshoot the installation faults of wireless passive locks

  1. Sorting out hardware FAQ and solving manual for frequent problems.
  2. Organize the software FAQ and solve the software common problems.

Firmware update

  1. Check the software/hardware updates provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Perform the firmware upgrade correctly.

Security and privacy protection for wireless passive locks

  1. Data encryption and secure transmission: HTTPS is used to ensure the security of the transmission process through transmission encryption and identity authentication on the basis of HTTP.
  2. Prevent network attacks and intrusions: have a complete network security solution.
  3. User rights management and access control: By creating different administrator roles in the system, administrators at different levels can operate corresponding service systems based on specified rights and responsibilities.

Common problems and solutions in the process of installation of wireless passive locks

  1. The lock fails to connect to the control center: The smart gateway network is disconnected, the smart gateway is disconnected from the server, and the distance between the smart gateway and the lock is too far away from the connection range. (For Bluetooth smart lock, passive lock does not need to be connected)
  2. Lock/unlock fails: The permission expires or the permission setting is incorrect. Re-authorize the smart key.
  3. Troubleshooting methods for other common problems.

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Installation and Maintenance of Wireless Passive Locks

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