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Exploring Electronic Door Lock Cylinder Functionality and Benefits

In today’s fast-paced life, security and convenience have become the primary goals for people to pursue. As one of the representatives of modern security technology, electronic door locks, with their lock cylinders as the core components of the locks, carry the important responsibility of safeguarding the security of homes and commercial premises. In this article, we will discuss in depth the functions and advantages of electronic door lock cylinders to provide readers with a more comprehensive understanding.

1.Brief overview of its purpose and function

Electronic door lock cylinder as one of the core components of the electronic door lock, its main purpose is to achieve the opening and closing of the door lock, as well as to protect the security of the door lock. Specific functions include:

  • Security guarantee: the electronic door lock cylinder adopts advanced identification technologies such as password, fingerprint, and swipe card, which effectively prevents the problem of traditional mechanical locks being easily cracked and improves the security of the door lock.
  • Convenient opening methods: through password, fingerprint, mobile phone App and other ways to open the lock, so that users do not need to carry a key, easy to enter and exit the door, to enhance the convenience of using the door lock.
  • Remote control: with the smart home system, it can realise the functions of remote unlocking and monitoring the status of the door lock, which enables the user to manage the door lock anytime and anywhere, and enhances the security and convenience.


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2.Components of an Electronic Door Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder of electronic door lock has a complex structure, which consists of several precision components together. It mainly includes the lock cylinder body, motor, sensor, circuit board, clutch and emergency unlocking device and other parts. Each part collaborates with each other to realize the opening and closing functions of the electronic door lock.

1.Cylinder body

  • Material: The lock cylinder body is usually made of high-strength alloy materials, such as zinc alloy or stainless steel, with high anti-prying and anti-drilling ability.
  • Mechanical part: contains the core components of traditional mechanical locks, such as lock bolt, spring, etc., used to realize the basic functions of mechanical locks.


  • Type: Electronic door locks commonly used micro DC motor or stepping motor.
  • Function: The motor is responsible for driving the movement of the lock bolt to realize the lock cylinder opening and closing operation. The performance of the motor directly affects the response speed and reliability of the lock.


  • Fingerprint sensor: collects fingerprint information for identity verification. The accuracy and speed of fingerprint sensor is the key to the security of the lock.
  • Touch Sensor: Detects user’s touch input, such as password input.
  • RFID Sensor: Reads information from RFID card, commonly used for access card locking.

4.Circuit Board

  • Processor: Processes the unlocking commands entered by the user and controls the operation of the motor and other components. The performance of the processor determines the response speed and the level of intelligence of the system.
  • Memory: Used to store user information, fingerprint data, unlocking records, etc.
  • Communication module: supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other communication methods to realize remote control and status monitoring.


  • Function: The clutch is the key component connecting the motor and the lock cylinder body. When receiving the unlocking command, the clutch transfers the power from the motor to the lock cylinder to realize the unlocking operation.
  • Types: Commonly, there are mechanical clutches and electronic clutches. Electronic clutches are controlled by electrical signals for faster response and higher precision.

6.Emergency Unlocking Device

  • Mechanical keyhole: In case of electronic system failure or battery depletion, a mechanical key can be used to unlock the lock to ensure safety.
  • Backup power connector: When the battery is exhausted, the unlocking operation can be carried out by temporary power supply through external power supply.

3.Operation of an Electronic Door Lock Cylinder

1. User input

The user sends a request to unlock the door through password input, card swiping, fingerprint identification or remote control. The sensing device transmits the received user input signal to the electronic control module.

2. Signal processing

After the electronic control module receives the user input signal, it first carries out identity verification. The verification method depends on the input method, for example:

  • Password verification: the electronic control module compares the entered password with the preset password in the memory.
  • Fingerprint verification: The fingerprint information is captured by the fingerprint sensor and matched with the pre-stored fingerprint data.
  • RFID Verification: Read the chip information of the RFID card and match it with the authorization information stored internally.

If the verification passes, the electronic control module will issue a command to carry out the next operation; if the verification fails, it will issue an alarm signal or prompt for re-entry.

3. Controlling the motor drive

After verification, the electronic control module sends a signal to the motor drive system to start the motor. The motor drives the mechanical parts inside the lock cylinder through the gear or linkage mechanism to complete the locking or unlocking operation.

4. Status detection and feedback

During the process of locking or unlocking the lock cylinder, the electronic control module will monitor the status of the lock cylinder in real time through the sensor. After ensuring that the lock cylinder is fully unlocked or locked, the electronic control module will feedback the status to the user, such as through LED light prompts or voice prompts.

4.Advantages of Electronic Door Lock Cylinder

Electronic door lock cylinder has many advantages over traditional mechanical locks:

  • Convenience: supports a variety of unlocking methods, the user does not need to carry a key, can easily open the door lock through the password, fingerprints and other ways.
  • Intelligent management: can be combined with smart home system to realize remote control and management, users can monitor and operate the door lock anytime and anywhere, which improves the using experience.
  • Record function: It can record the unlocking log and provide unlocking record query function, which is convenient for managers to understand the use of door locks and security monitoring.

As a company specializing in the research, development and production of smart door locks and related ancillary products, in addition to the above advantages, RAYONICS produces electronic door lock cylinders also have the following characteristics:

  • High security, using AES128 encryption processing.
  • Adjustable cylinder, drilling design support in high intensity.
  • Support Mifare card and mobile Bluetooth door opening.
  • Integrated passive lock intelligent key system for emergency opening.
  • Replace the battery without removing the cylinder (special tool).
  • Use mobile phone to update the Settings, which is convenient and fast.
  • Permission-on-Lock, permission-on-card or online permission management at choice.
Electronic Door Lock Cylinder

In summary, electronic door lock cylinder as an important part of modern security technology, not only in the security and convenience has significant advantages, and intelligent management features also provide users with a new door lock experience. EVOXS E-Cylinder includes European cylinder, Swiss cylinder, ANSl cylinder, Scandinavian cylinder,Japanese cylinder and special padlock. cam lock, etc. to provide a perfect locking solution for different markets and bring more convenience and security for people’s lives.

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