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Energy Petrochemical Status Analysis

The energy isolation in the process of inspection and maintenance of production equipment is standardized, and the basic isolation locking and tag process is detailed. However, such specifications and procedures are limited to manual self-discipline management and operation, and the simple locking control scheme using traditional locks, process management is prone to loopholes and problems, the lock position supervision is out of control, operator constraints are ineffective, and can not be traced or difficult to trace.


Energy Petrochemical Application

-Based on energy isolation (locktag) to provide the most cutting-edge security measures isolation system

Design a new unique Ancuo isolation system, the system takes the lead in the energy isolation device to adopt intelligent latch technology, adopt technical measures with related management measures, strengthen the safety control, and effectively improve the work efficiency and management level.

System Design

  • Lock control products can use passive explosion-proof, insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-magnetic intelligent lock control products to strengthen the safety control of equipment.
  • Smart key online authorization to solve the complex key management problems, end the “beyond the program” management.
  • No special supervision and management, automatic control of addition and loss, to strengthen the management of assets and equipment.
  • The platform can be used to review the authorization of the issuance and application of keys.
  • Field operations are controlled through standardized procedures to avoid safety risks caused by personnel omissions, and the combination of civil air prevention techniques to avoid misoperation.

System Features

  • Through the establishment of model evaluation, analysis, pre-control, and improve the different operations of the review, authorization, invoice and other links.
  • Based on the ticket process management, the operator’s responsibility is not clear, the locking log is confused, and the efficiency of the unlocking procedure is low.
  • When maintenance and other work is carried out, intelligent locks and intelligent keys are used to ensure the accuracy of operation, and various isolation devices are locked and listed.
  • Access control solutions tailored for specific industry applications need to provide interfaces that quickly implement existing job order management processes and habits.

Energy Petrochemical Application Scheme Design

Energy Petrochemical Application Scheme Design

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