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Cabinet Lock

Powerful passive lock control system, using innovative technology and complete encryption measures, can provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for control opening and record tracking.The system is fast and easy to install without requiring wiring, power supply and change door hardware for existing cable traps.

Passive Mechatronic lock

Passive Lock Series Industry Cabinet Lock Introduction

The EVOXS Passive lock series Industry cabinet lock is an advanced electronic lock system that does not require an external power source to work. It is not affected by power failures or power outages, thus guaranteeing continuous safety. In addition, since there is no external power supply, the lock also does not generate electromagnetic interference, which is very important for certain highly sensitive environments.

This series of cabinet locks shows a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. We provide cabinet lock products that meet industry standards, and can also be customized according to customers’ specific needs to adapt to different cabinets and application scenarios. This parameter is applicable to the scenario where there are many locks, such as power, carrier, and public security locks, and management inspection is required.

Passive Lock Series Industry Cabinet Lock Introduction
  • EVOXS passive lock series industrial cabinet locks have a high degree of security. It uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to protected items. The lock is also highly durable and can work well under a variety of harsh environmental conditions. A key can open multiple locks according to the permission, up to 60,000 locks can be opened, while recording the person, time, location and operation information in real time back to the background system.

Passive Lock Series Industry Cabinet Lock Introduction


Reverse power supply through the electronic key and open through the mutual verification of the chip.

Use with software and electronic key authorization.

Yes, our locks are all made according to industry standards, and different sizes are available.

Read the electronic key record through the card issuer or mobile phone and send it back to the platform.

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