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Banks Status Analysis

In the branch management of the bank, the opening and closing, handover and supervision of business boxes such as teller cash box (cash deposit box), transfer payment box (cash transfer and allocation box), precious metal box and bill claim safe box (recontrol and seal box) for in-transit cash transport and multiple personnel in multiple positions. As well as the intelligent teller machine in the branch hall, the employee safe, the in-line self-service deposit and withdrawal machine and the anti-theft door of the banknote adding terminal, are the top priority of the branch management personnel.

Bank entrance

Banking Application

-Bank physical escort transfer, equipment asset management system

In line with the principle of not changing the original management mode and box structure of each line, the use of interlocking and intelligent keys based on the turnover box and bank assets cabinet management, closed-loop communication mode of the Internet of things technology, through the information, closed, full coverage of management means, so that the whole process of cash management without dead corners, seamless, safe and effective.

System Design

  • The branch teller and the supervisor use two interlocks respectively to lock the cash box, and use the smart key to start the delivery procedure of the cash box.
  • After the box is opened, the teller will open the lock of the cash box according to the requirements of the ticket.
  • Support the head office deployment, hierarchical management, more emphasis on the “pre-authorization prevention” and “real-time monitoring” risk control means.
Bank software lock

System Features

bank numeric keypad
  • Each link of cash box handover and opening is completed through electronic equipment, and each operation process has strict safety control.
  • The key rules shall be independently established by the bank. Ensure high safety; Centralized control of authorization management and other risks.
  • Only authorized users can open the corresponding cash box. Each operation procedure has a detailed system record, and the record cannot be deleted.
  • Can be in the Treasury allocation turnover, through different Settings, the turnover box in different outlets to achieve arbitrary allocation, reduce the number of turnover box.

Bank Application Scheme Design

Bank Application Scheme Design

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