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6 best outdoor smart padlock manufacturers

This article introduces 6 best outdoor smart padlock manufacturers for your reference if you want to purchase smart padlock in bulk.

1. SALTO Systems


Company Overview

For nearly two decades, SALTO has been at the forefront of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions in electronic access control. Their offerings include stand-alone, cloud-based, and mobile applications, setting new benchmarks in security, ease of management, flexibility, and design. These solutions deliver tangible benefits to a wide array of door and building types. Across various industries and applications, SALTO is acknowledged as a global leader in smart electronic access control solutions.

Key Product

Electronic Locks

Company Reputation

Regarded as one of the top three electronic lock manufacturers globally, SALTO’s products are utilized by users spanning across the world.

2. SimonsVoss


Company Overview

SimonsVoss has dedicated its efforts to enhancing safety, comfort, and efficiency in both personal and professional settings. Through the integration of digital technology, they have revolutionized traditional mechanical locking systems while incorporating additional functionalities.

Key Product:

Electronic Lock System

Company Reputation:

SimonsVoss is widely recognized as a world leader in the manufacturing of electronic locking systems.

3. Creone

Company Overview

Creone, a Swedish company, has gained international acclaim for its successful products. They specialize in supplying key cabinets and valuables cabinets to approximately 50 countries, primarily across Europe.

Key Products:

Key Cabinets, Key Boxes

Company Reputation:

Renowned as a leading enterprise in key management cabinets.

4. Mul-T-Lock

Company Overview

Mul-T-Lock has established itself as a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of high-security locking products and access control solutions. Their offerings cater to institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Key Products

Mechanical Lock Cores, Electromechanical Lock Cores

Company Reputation

Recognized for designing, developing, and manufacturing a diverse range of innovative lock cores to meet the evolving security needs of institutions, businesses, and homeowners worldwide.


Company Overview

GANTNER’s NFC systems are deployed worldwide, delivering market-leading solutions in access control, electronic locker systems, and cashless payment systems for global attractions and commercial industries.

Key Product

Smart Locks

Company Reputation

Praised for offering keyless smart locks suitable for cabinet systems of varying sizes and functionalities.

6. Evoxsystem

Company Overview

Founded in 2007, RAYONICS is a cutting-edge technology enterprise specializing in cloud-based platforms, IoT, big data, AI, and other advanced technologies. The company focuses on delivering Access Control Security Management Solutions tailored to diverse industry needs. RAYONICS offers solutions for monitoring personnel behavior, managing equipment assets, and optimizing operational information across various industry scenarios.

Key Product

Passive Mechatronic

Company Reputation

RAYONICS aims to alleviate challenges and offer dependable products and software solutions across diverse industries. Their goal is to enhance user experiences and streamline smart management processes.

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