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1-Pincode Panel

EVOCLOUD encrypts and protects all key data. In the
data transmission, data storage are alwaysconfidential,
and the data access to achieve strict control.


EVOXS lock control/gating is a provider of
IOT solutions, helping the transformation of
traditional lock enterprise intelligence and
industry application information.

3-Key Cabinet

It not only standardizes the access behavior of the key,
but also improves the work efficiency. It also leaves
corresponding records for all access and return, so as
to query, statistics and trace back.


Provide scenario-oriented lock control
products and peripheral integrated products
access capability, forming a complete and
open system.


Smart, High-tech Locking Solutions For Any Door

Rayonics makes smart access possible on any door – however unusual. Convert any door into a fully-featured smart door.

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evoxs-Passive Mechatronic lock


Lock management software completes key-centered passive lock application management.

evoxs-Passive Mechatronic lock


Lock management software completes the management of users.

evoxs-Passive Mechatronic lock


LMS_Enterprise software uses personal mobile phones for unified management.

evoxs-Passive Mechatronic lock


KMS_Enterprise software simplifies the ticket to achieve the finest maintenance.

evoxs-Passive Mechatronic lock


PMS_ Enterprise is a user centered comprehensive lock management platform based on BS architecture.

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